Where do you go for fun, culture, great meals and sun?  Are you a Melbourne lover or would you rather choose Sydney for a night out, or a weekend of fun?

Some Aussies have claimed that Melbourne is just Sydney with bad weather and bad beaches!

Others who live in Sydney claim they have never had the desire, or need to venture into Melbourne, because Sydney has it all.

It is a rivalry of sorts, with opinions flying between both cities, regularly.  But why the rivalry?

Sydney and Melbourne are two of Australia’s biggest cities – why are some people so partial to one and so distasteful of the other?  In a recent survey taken by ‘Superwog1” on You Tube – it showed that many people had derogatory things to say about one or the other…. A rivalry to say the least!  Very few people interviewed loved both cities.

So lets look at the differences and get to the bottom of this rivalry.


  • Better weather, more sunshine
  • Better beaches
  • More award winning restaurants


  • Better nightlife
  • Better real estate prices and selection
  • Better public transportation

For certain, more tourists go to Sydney, but hotel rooms cost a bit more…. and Sydney has better weather, even though inch per inch more rainfall, it sees better temps and more clear/sunny days.

If you enjoy food, Sydney is the home of more award winning restaurants than Melbourne, and even a little cheaper!

But for nightlife – Melbourne wins hands down, but Sydney has the best beaches.

So what about jobs, education and real estate?


  • $60,393 – average salary
  • $31 Universities
  • $25,419 annual tuition
  • $540,000 average home price
  • $310.00 average weekly rent


  • $66,119 – average salary
  • 38 Universities
  • $25,878 annual tuition
  • $640,000 average home price
  • $450.00 average weekly rent

Most Aussies say it’s all about preference and taste.  But which city do you choose for your home, or weekend getaway?

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Sydney VS Melbourne Sydney Vs Melbourne   Whats Your Take?

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